CAST:    Jon Cryer | Will Sasso
               Stephanie Szostak 

GENRE: Comedy | Romance

RICKY MILLER a sweet 40-plus manager of a Denny’s type restaurant gets his prayers answered when he joins a dating site and meets DANITA  – an impossibly beautiful woman who shares all his interests.  He soon learns there’s just one little catch – she’s married and he has to kill her evil husband.  Ricky shrugs – there’s always going to be SOME baggage when you’re both around 40.  Ricky’s best friend SETH finds out her monster husband is actually an ex-Rabbi who proves to be generous and affable when they finally meet him.  Ricky is torn.  Is Danita telling him the truth? Or is Seth right and she’s a femme fatale, like Kathleen Turner in BODY HEAT, who’s playing Ricky?