CAST:    Mischa Barton | Winter Ave Zoli 
               Jake Busey | Sebastian Bach

GENRE: Thriller

When twenty-four year old Jae is released from prison, she returns home to her small-town.  It’s the last place she wants to be. Then she finds out her brother, and his girlfriend are planning a trip to “Burn the Moon”, a famous music festival in Death Valley, infamous for being the hottest place in World. Joining two old childhood friends, the group heads to the festival. On the way, their car breaks down on a desolate desert road - where they meet three men headed to the same festival.  The three offers the group a ride to the festival, in their old RV. The new group head into Death Valley at sunset, where they will become hopelessly lost in one of the most alluring, but unforgiving places on the planet - endangered by not only the barren wilderness, but soon each other as they attempt to survive nature and themselves.