CAST: Charlotte Rampling | Sophie Lowe
            Willie Nelson

GENRE: Drama | Fantasy

Waiting for the Miracle to Come brings together two of the most iconic, global stars of our time - Willie Nelson and Bono - along with Wim Wenders for a once and lifetime collaboration that is profoundly unique and creative, like audiences have never seen. Both global stars have massive followers, devout fan communities, and admiration and respect from some of the most influential people on the globe.  


Set in a magical timeless world, with colors reminiscent of an old storybook, WAITING FOR THE MIRACLE TO COME tells the story of a young girl who embarks on a journey of discovery. Along the way, she encounters faith, love, and fulfillment, all clothed in the brokenness of loss, as the most powerful transformative experiences in our lives often are. Following the death of her father, aspiring trapeze artist Adeline Winter (Sophie Lowe) finds a letter instructing her to seek out two people she does not know, in a mysterious place she knows nothing about. This letter leads her to The Beautiful Place, home to retired vaudeville performers Dixie and Jimmy Riggs (played by Willie Nelson and Charlotte Rampling). The Riggs have waited for decades, holding out hope that The Beautiful Place would someday bring their long-lost daughter back to them.

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