CAST:    Pierce Brosnan | Liam Neeson
               Erin Galway-Kendrick 

GENRE: Family| Holiday

Noelle is born in dramatic circumstances on December 25th under the Christmas Star and grows up believing she has been given the gift to perform strange miracles. Living in the idyllic, village she does not have much call to use her power until the arrival of conniving developer Pat McKerrod and his weasley son Junior. 

Having mysteriously left the village in disgrace as a child, McKerrod returns with promises of great rewards to everyone who signs up to his schemes for the historic factory Pottersglen Pottery. As the community and Noelle’s beloved Dad fall for McKerrod’s smooth lies, Noelle overhears his true plans and tries desperately to thwart him on her own. Noelle fears she is losing her miracle powers to bring about good as even her friends do not believe her and she retreats from the fight, questioning herself and her purpose in life.

Eventually, Noelle’s friends find out the truth and rally together to take up the cause.  Noelle summons the courage to join her friends and work with them to expose McKerrod’s true intentions. 

The feisty kids gather their proof and prepare for a spectacular showdown at a televised event. The world watches as they reveal McKerrod’s real plans to destroy Pottersglen for his own greedy intentions.  

In a dramatic climax Noelle comes to understand that her miracle gift is simply that of love and that everyone has this gift if only they would use it. Noelle ends up touching the village and indeed the world as her story illuminates the true meaning of Christmas…love.