CAST:     Ray Liotta | Lauren Holly | Rory Culkin
               Trevor Morgan | Seymour Cassel

GENRE: Family

In the summer of 1972 Mickey, 16, isn’t happy that he was forced to move to California to accommodate his brother Roger’s health needs. He and Roger, who has Muscular Dystrophy, are several thousand miles away from Pittsburgh - their birthplace, and the epicenter of a groundswell of emotion over their baseball hero, Roberto Clemente, who is nearing the 3000th hit plateau.

Unhappy with his new surroundings in California, Mickey takes action. He steals his mom’s car, and plans to race across the country with the hope of making it to Pittsburgh in time to see Clemente’s historic moment. His only problem: Roger wants to come along. Reluctantly though, Mickey agrees to let Roger tag along.

Mickey and Roger head out on a cross-country trip to experience a part of history. It is both adventuresome and fun, as they encounter obstacle after obstacle. And as a result, the boys begin to re-connect. The harder it gets, the more they dig in, refusing to fail. It becomes a personal odyssey. However, when the trip begins to take its toll on Roger’s health, Mickey is forced to re-evaluate his priorities. Will the boys make it to Pittsburgh in time, or is risking Roger’s well-being too much of a sacrifice?

With a heartwarming performance by Ray Liotta, this feel-good film, about brothers' love, will have the entire family smiling.