CAST:    Jeremy ChildsShelean Newman

GENRE: Horror | Sci-Fi

Dr. Victor Reed is a brilliant genetic scientist working in the controversial field of genetic replication, otherwise known as cloning.

Dr. Reed, in fact, becomes the first person to successfully "create" a human being, Baby Elizabeth.  While Dr. Reed believes his breakthrough will lead to an evolution in human development, others view it as an abomination against God, and will stop at nothing to prevent Dr. Reed from continuing his experiments.

What Dr. Reed, and a select group of others know, is that there was another clone prior to Elizabeth, Baby Ethan.  Ethan was not a happy, healthy baby like Elizabeth.  Quite the opposite.  Disfigured and violent from birth, Ethan had to be locked away, never to be seen by anyone.

What happens, however, when this genetic mutation grows in strength and cannot be controlled?  And how long can Dr. Reed avoid the protesters, politicians, and religious leaders calling for his arrest, or worse?
"Closer to God" is a fascinating modern spin on the "Frankenstein" tale, and questions whether Man's scientific breakthroughs are always "good" or can they lead us down an "evil" path.

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