DUKE EVANS is a gifted microchip engineer who previously worked for the National Security Agency under cyber-security analyst PHIL. When Duke loses his job and his home, he convinces his estranged wife LESLIE to take a retreat in a remote mountain town. 

Unbeknownst to them, the day they arrive at their remote cabin is the same day China launches an attack— a modern cyber-Pearl-Harbor— against the United States for failing to pay its debt. 

Every single computer chip “Made in China” unleashes a secret dormant virus that shuts down financial, telecom, military and power systems. As planes fall out of the sky, cities go dark, and it becomes impossible to buy food or water, the country becomes an occupation zone with ominous warnings of “The People’s Republic Welcomes Your Allegiance”. The local law enforcement issues mandatory red tracking wristbands that cannot be removed once locked on.

Duke makes a plan to get his family to a secret government bunker but is thwarted by the local sheriff and armed looters who kill Duke’s neighbor for a few cans of food.

With no water to drink, and the world of technology he’s known gone forever, Duke’s only hope for survival may be in the unlikely friendship with a Mexican illegal immigrant who may be able to smuggle them into Mexico to escape.

Before leaving the country, Duke has one more trick up his sleeve—he is able to infect the government’s computer code with a malicious virus. But, will it work in time to save the United States from a complete takeover?

CAST:    Scoot McNairy 

GENRE: Thriller | Sci-Fi