CAST:   Jason Schwartzman | Olympia Dukakis
              Stephen Root | Alex Karpovsky

GENRE: Comedy

Larry (Jason Schwartzman, RUSHMORE, THE DARJEELING LIMITED, THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL) is not a likeable guy. In fact, he doesn't have many friends outside of his dog Arrow. The ambitionless, inebriated slacker who gets fired from one lousy job after another does not have much going for him in life, except for his frequent visits to the nursing home to see his grandmother (Olympia Dukakis, MOONSTRUCK, LOOK WHO'S TALKING). When Larry isn't asking his grandma for money, he is trying to score pills from her male nurse Major Norwood—who hangs out in bars with Larry to pick up women. Recently hired at a new job at a Quick Lube, Larry is smitten with his cute supervisor Lupe, who appears to be a little more interested in Norwood. Can Larry keep it together long enough to win the girl and avoid losing her to Norwood? Stephen Root (OFFICE SPACE) and Alex Karpovsky (INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS) co-star in this hilarious dark comedy. Written and directed by Bob Byington (SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES ME).