CAST:    Kane Hodder | Bill Moseley 

GENRE: Horror

In a small country town, the only things teenagers can do for fun is gossip about each other and race their cars dangerously down narrow, dark roads.  For Amy, a shy but  pretty girl, the gossip is difficult enough.  However, when her friends and classmates start disappearing, there may be more to fear on the dark roads than the school hallways. Deranged brothers, Darryl and Jon Roy, patrol the roadways carrying on their sadistic father’s “hobby,” of intercepting 9-1-1 calls and showing up at the scene of car crashes,  most of them involving reckless teenagers.  Unfortunately for the accident victims, the  brothers are not there to help…they are there to capture, torture and kill! When Amy is captured, one of the brothers is touched by her beauty and decides to keep  her alive for himself.  Will she be able to escape before she becomes a prisoner bride to a murderous monster?

Just when you thought it was safe to call for help…here come, the Paramaniacs!