CAST:    Karren Gillan | Lee Pace

GENRE: Drama | Comedy

Written and directed by Karen Gillan, (JUMANJI, AVENGERS: ENGAME, GAURDIANS OF THE GALAXY) this surreal coming of age tale is a love letter to her hometown. Set in the Highlands of Scotland, a young woman spirals into a mid-twenties crisis. Witty and sarcastic, her manner is rapid and quick fire. Despite this, she can’t seem to connect with anyone and her heightened awareness of mortality consumes her after her best friend’s suicide. She finds comfort in her local pub and forms relationships with various men in attempts to find herself again. She meets a man simultaneously enduring a mid-life crisis and develops an anonymous connection with an old man over the phone, but neither of them give her the answers she needs. Ultimately, she
is left to confront herself, and what's truly haunting her.

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