We have a passion for film and filmmakers here at Spotlight. We know the sacrifices it takes to get an independent film made and we are here to support the independent filmmaker. Rest assured, when you hire our team we will have the same passion in selling your film as you had in creating it. We only take on films that we believe in and work with producers who we want to build a lasting relationship with. 

The best time to contact us about acquisitions is when your film is in post-production. That way we can assist in promoting the film before it is even finished. However, if your film is completed, please send us a DVD or screening link. We can review the film, discuss it's worldwide potential and even run estimates for qualifying films.

You've done the hard part in getting an independent film made. Now let us help you in getting it distributed worldwide. Please contact any of us, we are here to help.

Adam Conte, Director of Acquisitions

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